Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pistorius had 'big love for guns'

A friend of Oscar Pistorius has told his murder trial that the athlete "had a big love" for guns.

Darren Fresco said that he had been with him on two occasions when a gun had been fired in public.
Mr Pistorius once accidentally fired a gun in a restaurant but made him take the blame, Mr Fresco said.
The Paralympic athlete denies intentionally killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and says he mistook her for a burglar.
Mr Fresco said that on another occasion, he was driving when Mr Pistorius fired a gun out of a sunroof after police stopped him for speeding.
He said Mr Pistorius became angry after a police officer handled his gun, which was on the back seat of the car.

"You can't just touch another man's gun," said Mr Pistorius, according to Mr Fresco.
"Now your fingerprints are all over my gun. So if something happens, you're going to be liable for anything that happens," Mr Pistorius reportedly said.
Mr Pistorius' ex-girlfriend described the same incident in court in the first week of the trial.
Samantha Taylor said both men had been agitated after police stopped them and had joked about "shooting a robot [traffic light]".
Mr Fresco denied making the joke and said that the mood had been calm before the shot was fired "without warning".
He said he was left feeling as if his ears were bleeding and that Mr Pistorius was laughing after firing the shot.
The court has now been adjourned until Wednesday.

Earlier, Mr Pistorius' defence team questioned a pathologist's finding that his girlfriend had eaten less than two hours before he killed her.
This contradicts the athlete's account that the pair had been in bed for several hours before the shooting.